Telehealth Integration in an Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Curricula
Date & Time
Friday, June 26, 2020, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

This presentation will discuss findings from Telehealth in Undergraduate Nursing Education: An Integrative Review. The integrative review identified the following themes:

  1. Telehealth education is inadequate or inexistent in most undergraduate nursing programs.
  2. Creating a Telenursing Framework that will serve as a successful guide for telehealth integration.
  3. Simulation is a reliable method to promote Telehealth application.
  4. Barriers to telehealth integration include a lack of knowledge, untrained educators, and lack of resources.

As a result of the findings from the integrative review, Hamilton’s Telenursing framework, was developed. The presenters will discuss the development of the framework and its importance in underpinning telehealth integration. The presenters will also discuss how to implement telehealth in graduate nursing programs using a standardized patient actor and demonstrate how to evaluate mental health nurse practitioner student’s competencies using telehealth and a standardized patient actor.