How New Technologies Impact the Delivery of Healthcare
Date & Time
Friday, July 17, 2020, 10:25 AM - 11:25 AM

It's 2020, and consumers expect their healthcare insurers and providers to embrace technology in order to bring about the access, quality and affordability improvements so desperately needed for patients, families and caregivers. The financial community is investing in Health Information Technology at record levels, but solutions generating scalable and sustainable improvements are hard to find or reproduce.

This presentation focuses on technology and its impact on care model innovation across the entire care continuum; productivity, quality and work-life balance improvements for clinicians; and access, quality and affordability improvements for patients. Participants will explore how digital health assistants empower patients and enable them to take control of their health; how remote diagnostics improve access to and treatment of low complexity conditions; how digital therapeutics deliver comprehensive and custom care plans for a wide range of conditions and specialties; how monitoring technology dramatically improves the cost and quality of acute hospital care; how technology can drive innovation and cost improvements in the post-acute care space; and why technology is so critical to improving care management models in pursuit of population health improvement goals and objectives. Value transformation is inevitable when stakeholders truly integrate sustainable Health IT and Population Health best practices.